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Photographs of Students Learning - What do humans do with their minds?

A selection of samples of students work showing students developing the concept of 'what humans do with their minds.' The associated lesson plan is included.

Building Language for Habits of Mind

Alternative words to use and to teach students to use and reflect upon as they develop their Habits of Mind. Enlarge the sheets of words to A3, cut up the words, and ask students to place the words on the appropriate HoM poster or butcher

Habit of Mind Snap Cards

A simple game for helping students build the language of the Habits of Mind

12 Lessons to introduce Habit of Minds to students

A series of 12 one and a half hour lessons to introduce the Habit of Minds to students.

Word Splashes

A series of bold words on a bright yellow splashes that helps students put common words to Habit of Mind concepts.

When, Why, How?

A simple table to help learners "when,why and how" we use the Habit of Minds.

Suggested method of Introduction to the Habit of Minds

A suggested method of how to introduce the Habit of Minds to a group of students.

Pre-evaluation questionaire for the Habit of Minds

This questionaire helps to pre-evaluate the way that you as an individual use the Habits of Minds. This is a tool for assessing your progress in acting intelligently. It should help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and help develop more successful learning strategies.

Intergrated Unit Term Planner - Earth

This integrated unit term planner gives students the opportunity to -
-Describe the relationship between day and night and the rotation of the earth.
-Explain how the four seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth

Intergrated Term Planner - THE OPRAPILLAR CLUB

This resource is a Term Planner which gives students the opportunity to:

To identify the key features of creating, writing and publishing their own book.
To identify the difference between a fiction and non fiction text
To develop skills in planning, editing, proof reading, researching, dictionary/thesaurus use.
Write and illustrate a fiction or non fiction book
Give an opinion about various authors and why they like/dislike their work.
Select a style of book that is appropriate to their topic.

The Habit of Mind focused on is "Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations."