Henrietta Miller, is a stage three teacher at Roseville College a K-12 Anglican girl’s school in Sydney. She regularly  speaks at conferences and workshops about the way she has created a student-centred classroom.

Henrietta is an active member of the Sydney TeachMeet team having held in April 2011, the first Sydney TeachMeet in her classroom. She assists and promotes TeachMeets and Techie Brekkies both at Roseville College and in the wider community. Henrietta’s school Roseville College is working towards the implementation of The Habits of Mind from K to 12 and Henrietta is involved in assisting staff to develop their understanding of The Habits of Mind



Henrietta uses her blog http://www.classroomchronicles.net to muse, reflect and report on her own and her student’s learning’. She uses http://www.techiebrekkie.net to report on techie brekkie sessions held at Roseville College. Her writings that relate to Habits of Mind appear on this site, as well as her other sites above.