• Michelle Bunder

Hello! My name is Michelle Bunder, and I am passionate about purposeful, relevant, real learning and discovering through the use of the Habits of Mind.

I've been working with and around the Habits of Mind for over 6 years from Kindergarten to Year 6 at St John the Evangelist Primary School, Campbelltown and now St Joseph's Primary School, Bulli.  Throughout my time at St John's and St Joseph's, I have been involved with the Habits of Mind through assisting in professional development for staff, mentoring new teachers and student teachers. I've also had the opportunity to demonstrate how we infuse the Habits of Mind in our dynamic Open Learning Space (Discovery Space) to visiting teachers and Leadership Teams from schools in our Diocese, other Primary schools, High schools and schools from different states.

I believe in a practical, real and hands on approach with the Habits of Mind for the students. This has lead me to creating multiple Habits of Mind kid friendly resources and classroom and teacher materials.

My enthusiasm for the Habits of Mind and my love of collaborating and sharing the excitement of education, encouraged me to create a blog,www.songsoftheeducator.com.au where I share my honest opinion of education through my eyes, detailing the ups and downs of teaching in a reader friendly manner.  

My blog entries related to Habits of Mind will appear on this site as well as Songs of the Educator. You will also find a bucket load of practical ideas for the classroom, as well as a glimpse of my life, as i continue learning, discovering and growing through my experiences in the collaborative Discovery Space, which is centred on the Habits of Mind.

I encourage you to take a look at my blog, contact me or leave a comment and: Walk the Habits of Mind, live it, and make it real for you and all around you… it will be infectious! :D