• Submission Guidelines

To be included in the Habits of Mind Resource Library your submitted resource must meet the following guidelines

1. You must own the copy right to the material. No commercial material will be added to the library without the authors written consent.

2. The resource must clearly relate to the Habits of Mind. This usually involves explicit mention of the Habits of Mind. Activities that simply require students to engage in the Habits of Mind, without instruction about how this is done, are not included.

3. You must have trialed it in your classroom. 

The motto of the Resource Library is to adapt, not adopt. So the only stipulation about submission is that it had to have worked in your classroom. Users of the Resource Library will usually use your resouce as a stimulus to create their own resources, or adapt it meet their needs. Don't feel your submission needs to be highly polished and ready for publication. What worked for you, in your classroom, is what's expected in the Resource Library.

Copy Right Information

In all cases, the creator of the resource retains the copy right to the material in the Resource Library. Material in the Resource Library is freely shared with the educational community for classroom use, but should not be co-opted for commercial purposes without the authors written consent.