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The Habits of MInd Resource Library is a growing collection of teacher contributed resources. At present there are over 500 files containing activities, lesson plans, readings, powerpoint presentations, videos and much more. All the resouces have been used successfully in classrooms and are offered to teachers with an "adapt, don't adopt" approach.

The Habits of Mind Resource Library is NOT free. You can gain access to the full resources in the Habits of Mind Resource Library in two ways:

1. You can contribute your own HOM resources to the library. Please click here for more detail on how to contribute your own resources. After contributing your own resources you'll have full access to all resources for a full year. Each item you add to the resource library gives you another full years access. 

Contributing your own resources is by far the prefered method of gaining access to the library. 

2. Access to the Resource Library can be purcased through our store.

All resources in the library are provided on the understanding that they are not reproduced for commercial purposes. Copyright remains with the individual contributors.