• Habits of Mind for Classrooms

Habits of Mind For Classrooms

This online course is designed for the busy teacher who wants to improve their skills and knowlege of HOW TO successfully infuse Habits of Mind into classroom practice.

The original course was designed by Art Costa and Bena Kallick and has been extended and enhanced by our own James Anderson to make it more school and classroom focused.

Teacher and School Friendly

The course is divided into 10 easily digestible topics  each designed to take up only about 1 - 1.5 hours of your busy time. 

Each topic is supported by a range of carefully selected learning resources. There are many short videos of Art Costa and Bena Kallick sharing their wisdom and these are extended and applied to practical school and classroom applications by James Anderson through the use of video, recorded webinars, and prezi's.

You can jump in and out of the course around your busy schedule. There are no specific times when you are required to be online.

Topics include:

Building a Foundation for Habits of Mind

- Understanding the Habits of Mind

- Where the Habits fit in the Curriculum

- Your Curriculum Journey with Habits of Mind

Activating and Engaging Habits of Mind

- Listening with Empathy and Understanding FEATURING ART COSTA

- Persisting

- Managing Impulsivity

- Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

- Questioning and Posing Problems

A Journey of Continuous Growth

- Dimensions of Growth

- Teacher Action for Developing Habits of Mind (incl. building effective Rubrics)



About your Mentor and Facilitator - James Anderson

James Anderson is the creator of this Habits of Mind site, teacher, author of Succeeding with Habits of Mind, Consultant and Trainer in Habits of Mind and affiliate director of Art Costa and Bena Kallicks Insittute for Habits of Mind. 

Drawing on his personal classroom experience and years of working with schools and teachers, James is able to give practical insights, tools, strategies and techniques that you can apply every day in your classroom.

James is there every step of the way to support your learning, respond to your questions and provide classroom examples and resources.  

 Next Course Beginning July 14th 



Investment in this course is US$200. All participants also receive full access to the Habits of Mind Resource Library at no extra charge (valued at $50) plus a certificate of completion from the Institute for Habits of Mind.
Contact James Anderson to ask about group discounts.




specific times?

I know that there are no specific times you must be online, but will course material for the entire course be available at the beginning so if I have a teacher who wants to complete the course in the first two weeks they could? Thanks!

How quickly can I finish the course

HI there, 

traditionally the course takes about an hour a week, for about 10 weeks. However there is nothing stopping you from getting through it more quickly, or taking your time and going more slowly ... or for that matter stopping for a while and coming back to it.

Is there additional course?

I completed this course last year and am curious if there are any other supoorting online courses I could do?


course schedule

When will the next 10 week course be offered? When can I register?

Next Course starts Late Feb

Hi, registrations will open soon for the next online course starting late Februrary. 


I am currently working and living in the UAE and would like some information regarding accessing this course online?  Thanks

Course Access

The course is conducted online. The only accessibility requirements are a reliable internet connection, preferably with a broadband connection speed. Always happy to answer specific questions email to james@mindfulbydesign.com

Online Seminar

Too late here in Costa Rica to receive this notice since the seminar is already over!

How often is the course run

We offer this course every 10 weeks or so - about 4 times a year. 

Credit or Certification


Upon successful completion of the course, will participants receive certification or proof of completion?

Thank you,

Melody Hodges



Certificates of Completion

Yes, all participants receive a certificate of completion from Mindful by Design and the Insittute for Habits of Mind.

Introduction seminar

I went to the registration page and it said registration was closed. Since the seminar doesn't start for two months, is there a reason why?

Registrations open

No good reason .... Just human error I'm afraid. Fixed now. Sorry.


Thank you for your quick response and fix.


Technology requirements

Hi James,

Are there any particular technology requirements to access the learning platform for this course? 

And how technical do participants need to be to do the course?


Sue in Australia

Technology Requirements

Hi Sue,

great question. Thanks. 

The technology requirements are simple. The course is web based, so you'll need internet access and a modern web browser. The faster the internet connection the better (as with most things) but a standard ADSL line is fine.

I've put a lot of effort into reducing bandwidth, and where we've had some issues in the past, the last course had no bandwidth issues at all. Overall my experience with the course as it's set up now is that once we get past the log in / password stage there are usually very few technology issues. 

In short, if you can browse the web, and navigate most pages successfully, you'll have little or no problem with this course. :-)


Alaska teacher


I'm a teacher in Alaska and would like to take this workshop.

• Will the content be relavant to people in other countries?

• I see that it is not constrained by set meeting times, so my time zone should not be an issue - are there any other issues that would make this unworkable for me, in Alaska?

• My district does not use PayPal - is there any other way to pay?

Thank you,


Alaska Teacher

Hi Teresa,

The course is a general introduction to the Habits of Mind and is relavent to all learners (at least I've worked with teachers in many different countries and no one has suggested it's not)

I don't forsee any issues with you participating. We regularly have people from many different time zones doing the course.

We can accept payment by crediit card, or you might be able to pay personally and then be reimbursed by your district.

Happy to answer any other questions you might have. Perhaps use the contact form so I can reply more personally?



Alaska Teacher

Thank James! Hopefully this will be enough information for my district. Looking forward to the workshop!


online course -is it only for school settings.


will online couse help in after-school settings(weekend classes of child-enrichment program) or does it has to be included with school curriculum.

Do you provide any certification after course.

Educational Setting

the online course will cater for a general introduction to the Habits of MInd and be of interest to all educational settings. It provides a solid grounding for all your work with HOM and opens several pathways for future learning.

I'm in a different time zone, will that matter?

No, it won't matter what time zone you are in.

The course is self paced with plenty of video material as well as opportunity to engage in blogs and discussions, so there is no concern about time zones.

The course mentors will also make themselves available for chat / skype / phone conversations when necessary and if required these will be arranged for the most mutually convenient times.

FAQ 1. How much time is involved?

We are expecting that participants will require a one to two hour a week committment to complete the course requirements. Of course, it would be possible to spend more time than this as well.