• Mini Course - 16 Habits of Mind

A complete Habits of Mind Introduction delivered right to your inbox! If you want to find out what the Habits of Mind are all about, then this is a perfect introduction.

This Habits of Mind Mini Course is comprised of 10 easy emailed "lessons" that explore one or more Habits of Mind plus some essential related topics. 

Each lesson invites you to read a short article or watch an associated video and then, if you want to, engage in a discussion with others who are also completing the course. You could spend as little as five minutes with each lesson, or longer if you want to dig deeper.

Lessons are spaced out so you'll only receive about 2 emails a week for 5 weeks. There's no expiry date, so once you've got the material you can always come back to it any time.

To register for the course, and begin learning straight away, simply follow the link below and make sure you select the 16 Habits of Mind Mini Course. At the same time you can also choose to subscribe to our other lists.



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