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The Habits of Mind have been adopted by many many schools from all over the world as a way of clarifying educational goals for students.They provide a framework and common language for students, teachers, school leadership, parents and the wider school community to share when discussing and planning for the development of student thinking.

The Habits of Mind have a powerful unifying capacity in schools. All teachers, regardless of grade level or subject area can immediately see the relevance of the Habits of Mind to their classrooms. Because of this it helps schools develop a powerful shared vision for learning.

 In the videos below, taken from "Interviews with Art Costa", Professor Costa describes the influences the Habits of Mind have had on schools.

Changes to School Staff

Changes to Teachers Practice

The Habits of Mind also help add clarity to a teachers role. By focusing on and clarifying the thinking processes that lead to high performance teachers become more focused in what they are doing. The clip below shows a Karen Watson, a teacher from Kirwan State High School in Australia talking about how the Habits of Mind has made her more focused in her teaching and how they have improved student outcomes in her class. Kirwan State High School is an International Habits of Mind Learning Community of Excellence.

Karen Watson (speaking) & Merridith Wenta Kirwan State High School