• Habits of Mind Improve Literacy and Numeracy

I was recently at Westbourne Park Primary School in Adelaide South Australia where I presented a Habits of Mind Learning Community of Excellence Award to the school. During the presentation the principal, David Adams, outlined the evidence he has collected that shows the significant impact the Habits of Mind have had on the schools literacy and numeracy results. 

The school began significant work with Habits of Mind in 2005 and has been fortunate that literacy and numeracy data was collected both pre and post the implementation of Habits of Mind.

The image below shows the number of students in the upper growth band for literacy in the pre HOM cohort (2005 - 2007) compared to the number of students in the upper growth band for literacy in the HOM cohort (2009 - 11). As you can see there have been significant gains that the school attributes to their focus on Habits of Mind. 

A similar result can be seen for the school results in Numeracy.

Although the increase in number of students in the upper growth band in numeracy is fewer than for literacy, the results are still very impressive.

 I would like to invite anyone interested in these results to post their thoughts and/or questions below



Family Math Night featuring Habits of Mind

Our school has been working on infusing the habits across the curriculum over the past couple years.  I would like to incorporate the school-wide habits theme into our family math night this year.   I am wondering if anyone has done anything similar and/or if folks might share some creative K-5 math activities that connect to the habits.  



Math in Motion and HoM

Hi Blake:

Check out Math in Motion...where every child counts for grades K-8 at:

http://www.mathinmotion.com.There is a sample lesson plan

and resources of books and materials.

They offer teacher inservice, student workshops and family math night.

Our school has offered all of these programs and our teachers now

incorporate MIM and HoM into the curriculum. Our students

now say they love learning math and our math scores have increased

significantly.We learned it is not what we teach as much as HOW we

teach it. MIM taps into student creativity and challenges them.

My students say MIM rocks!

Best wishes,

Jason Seth, Teacher, Grade 3